When you want to look like a complete rock star, this jacket is what you’re going to want. The sleeves themselves will capture all the attention when people are looking at your new jacket. The glitter completely covers the lower half of the sleeves and fades into black sequins as it goes up. The rest of the jacket is black fabric and features a low v-neckline. There is no collar or lapel on the jacket, so you have the ability to show off whatever you’re wearing under the jacket. The single button in the front of the jacket is perfect to secure it in place. Side pockets have a reinforced opening to prevent wear and tear. This will be your go to jacket whenever you want to make an impression and have a lot of fun. Whether worn casually or with your favorite fashion outfit, you’ll have the look you’re going for.

Rock Star Style Tuxedo Cut Collarless Jacket - Stardust Pattern Sleeves


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